“From Zero to Hero” is an expression that can become a reality in your life as well. This book offers practical advice on getting into high society. Whatever you do, the author will reveal the shortest route to the confidence of high society. How to make useful acquaintances, properly present yourself, how to dress,
behave according to etiquette, and even understand wine and cars? The answers to these and many other important questions are found at the end of each chapter and are reinforced by useful action steps. After reading the book, you will understand how to not only raise your social status, and form a new environment but also how to attract a wealthy clientele to increase your income.

You’ll find in the book are the truly lively and vivid biographical examples of various people who have achieved global success. The examples are both American and foreign celebrities, which allows you to look at the international experience.

A book-helper for those who do not find time for themselves and the strength to make global changes in life in the best and happiest direction!

Alyona Klimova

My work requires me to meet new people all the time. And I am basically a very shy and self-conscious person. I really like my job, so I had to act and somehow solve my problem.

My colleague recommended this book, I read it in a couple of evenings and the next day at the next meeting we tried out the author’s advice. I already feel more confident and can present myself in high society.

Yunusova Elizaveta

Bought the book primarily because of the beautiful girl on the cover.Cons- there are a lot of valuable material, but it is tightly packed. It takes a long time to read, but it is interesting.

I read the book in four days. Pros-I realized all my mistakes, for example, I immediately read in the first chapter that I didn’t want to learn anything in advance about the people who could help me. Irma thoroughly explains why this is important. I applied it and my last job interview went great!
It was very inspiring that in the biographies, the author writes that many celebrities started out with nothing and what qualities helped them out. I recommend it, I am very satisfied!

Loved the book. The topic of presenting yourself has always been a sore point for me, and many recommend the very trivial “keep your posture, get a manicure,” etc. Here I was hooked by the fact that the author talks about habits, perception of oneself and people around, in general she suggests working not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Now I am following Irma Lake’s advice and I think the result is there. I would recommend it to my friends because it is really worthwhile.

Anfisa Sh