Dear Friends, please cross fingers for me! After spending long nights on a book that could help and brighten your daily lives I finally completed my manuscript. I already contacted a few publishers. When my book will be published, you will be the first to know:

?The story behind the creation of the BAG “IRMA LAKE”

?Where could you in Berlin occasionally meet Hollywood’s celebrity

?What drugs takes Woody Allen

?Why are there only 8 essential items in my suitcase

?Are there still some handsome men in Bali?

?How personal tragedy could help you find harmony and many more interesting topics…


Let’s bet that everything we need can fit in one bag?! Don’t wrinkle your nose, you have too many things! While people who can afford EVERYTHING, often get by with one suit, shabby jeans, the old sweater and a pair of comfortable shoes. Is anything else needed? And what for? Instead of offering hundreds of models and colors to you, polluting our atmosphere with one more factory in China, IRMA LAKE offers an optimal set of clothes for all occasions. A full set will fit in a usual baggage which will solve a problem that unites all successful people of the world – lack of time.
It’s better to travel around the world than wasting time to choose pair socks!